About the class:
HectiKinetic is a networked video game created in a group of 6 for the CSE 125: Software System and Design class at UCSD. The goal of the class is to create a fully working networked multiplayer video game in 10 weeks.

About HectiKinetic:
HectiKinetic is a 2 vs 2 capture the flag type of game, where each team consists of a ground player and an air player. The ground player is a ball that needs to navigate the stage to retrieve their flag first. The air player is a flying saucer that assists the ball by dropping down power ups and ramps, and can help impede the enemy ball by dropping power ups to make the enemy’s travel more difficult.

Back Story:
The game takes in a place inhabited by ball people. The ball people are a tribal civilization that are visited by UFOs. The ball people worship the UFOs as gods. So the aliens take this opportunity to use the ball people as entertainment by taking each faction to compete for their patron god in games of capture the flag. To the gods it’s entertainment, for the ball people it’s a form of manhood.

Technical Details:
Programmed in C++ utilizing DirectX11.

Genre: Multiplayer Team Play (Capture the Flag)
Developer: Team Zany
Release Date: June 11, 2012
Platform: PC

Group Page:

My Contributions:
-Background music
-Sound Effects
-3D Modeling using Blender and Maya
-Ball movement and physics
-Saucer movement and physics
-Power ups
-Server and client level logic
-Player structs on client and server
-Various game logic tweaks

Screen Shots:

Game in progress.