Conflict Orion

About Conflict Orion:
“Conflict Orion is a non-stop, action packed StarFight. Suit up and take to space clouds, your only job in this game is to survive and see that your faction wins the SpaceWar. Fight along side your friends, and help take down the enemy fighters. Conflict Orion is a guaranteed fun time for everyone involved.

Genre: Action
Developer: Playzon Interactive
Release Date: January 12, 2012
Platform: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire”


My contributions:
-Removed unwanted objects
– Adjusted level timers
-Adjusted missile auto-lock algorithm to more accurately hit targets
-Adjusted normal missile to fly straighter
-Reorganized game files to place camera controls to one file
-Adjusted flight camera to allow for more dynamic camera control while flying and aiming
-Created level select menu GUI
-Incorporated functionality for special complete ships in the ship customization menu
-Adjusted special complete ships to uniquely traverse and fire

Developer Details:
-Written and tested in Unity 3D Pro with iOS and Android SDK functionality
-Written in C# programming language