Mechanical Robot

This robot was built for the UCSD MAE3 robot contest. The details for the contest can be found here:

Contest Details:
“In June 2010 the world’s attention will turn to the Word Cup, and Soccer fans across the world will be vying for a seat at the stadium. MAE3 students have been hired to develop the most efficient crowd transport system, and try to score a goal on the way. (contest has been inspired by Matthew Earnst with input from other MAE3 tutors).

General Contest Information:

The fans, represented by orange balls, are congregated at an underground entrance to the stadium. The seating areas include an upper and lower terraces, with the best views from the upper terrace. As expected, the fans will gravitate to which ever side of the table has a a faster flow to the seating areas. In addition, the soccer field is in the center of the stadium with a gold ball at midfield. Robots compete head-to-head with starting areas on opposite sides of the stadium.”

Robot Details:
The robot was designed to drop a claw into the ball pit to pick up balls and remove them from the pit. The goal was to get the balls into the box, but it also allowed for balls to just drop out of the pit for single points. When time was near up the scissor lift would lift the box up to allow the balls to dispense into the higher point area boxes of the stadium.
Our second option for scoring was a sled that rest on top of the box that would shoot out into the middle section to possibly hit the gold ball or just fly across to interfere with the opposing robot.

Video, CAD designs, and pictures can be found here: