Rickcel Bantog is finishing up his last year studying as a computer engineer at University of California San Diego. He is currently employed as a a game programmer intern at Playzon Interactive. He is seeking a career in the video game industry as a programmer.

Resume Here

Current Projects:

  • HectiKinectic: A networked PC game written in C++ with Directx11. HectiKinectic is a 2v2 capture the flag type game
  • Super Cool Rickcel Game Station 9001 and games: A portable video game console that supports 2 players, with output to RCA/VGA. Games read in through microSD.
    • Bright Cyclez: A Tron Light Cycles type game
    • Tank Battlez: Guns, Guns, Guns, Boom: A tank battle game where the two players try to destroy each other.
    • Light Gunz 1337: A Fantastical Experience Dudebro: A shooting game utilizing the NES light gun zapper
  • Conflict Orion: A mobile and tablet game available on Android Maket and Amazon App Store. Conflict Orion is a space ship shooter game using the Unity engine with C# scripts.
  • Game Zero: A game done using Unreal Development Kit with UCSD game development club. A game with influence from the arena scene from Tron.